“Nothing that I have accomplished with [American Heroes for Hire] would have been possible without the seminars that I attended as part of GPI.” – Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver is about to embark on his journey as a West Point man at the United States Military Academy.

Not long before that, however, Chris was a member of The GivingPoint Institute, where he started American Heroes for Hire, a job placement organization for unemployed veterans. He started the organization because “I wanted to ensure that the veteran community was as improved as possible by the time I became a part of it.”

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Chris has set out to do with this with free monthly American Heroes for Hire job-readiness fairs. At these events, Chris brings resume experts, HR reps from local companies, and his GPI experience as a social entrepreneur together in a job fair format where homeless and unemployed veterans can apply for jobs, conduct mock interviews, and receive the expertise they need to become the next great employee.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV caught up with Chris at a job readiness fair he organized earlier this year and shared his story with the world.

Chris says, “Nothing that I have accomplished with the organization would have been possible without the seminars I attended as part of GPI.”

American Heroes for Hire has been such a successful venture that Chris was named to this year’s Georgia Youth Leadership Award’s “20 under 20” class. (Two other GivingPoint Institute students were also given the honor along with him.)

The GivingPoint Team is very proud of Chris and all the work that he has done so far and everything else he has yet to accomplish.

The GivingPoint Institute is always looking for more students like Chris. If that’s you or someone you know, get them to apply to GPI now!