We’re thrilled to introduce you to friends and classmates, Emaad and Dev. Both are juniors at the Westminster School, active members in the Future Business Leaders of America club as well as the technical student organization, DECA. Most notably, however, Emaad and Dev are connected as the co-founders of the Carbon-12 Project.

The mission of the Carbon-12 Project is to educate the public on the current environmental crisis, specifically regarding the need to reduce carbon emissions. In doing so, Emaad and Dev want to advocate to people and eventually would like to help organizations in all stages of their sustainability journey toward being carbon neutral or carbon friendly.

Emaad and Dev, co-founders of the Carbon-12 Project.

Emaad and Dev’s desire to set their advocacy into motion stemmed from not only their passion but Emaad’s time in Social Innovators Academy (SIA) over the summer of 2019. Dev actually introduced the idea of attending the program to Emaad after learning about GivingPoint at a club fair at the Westminster School. While Dev was unable to attend SIA due to prior commitments, he encouraged Emaad to apply and learn more about social entrepreneurship.

Throughout his SIA journey, Emaad was able to learn more about the fundamentals of starting a social impact project, network with other budding social innovators, and explore the possible ways his and Dev’s mission could come to life.

“Before I attended SIA, Dev and I were already thinking of creating this project. Our inspiration started on social media after seeing some posts about the harmful effects of carbon emissions. It was weird to us that only a few people were posting about it and no one seemed to be talking about the problem on the news. So, we decided to turn advocacy into action. SIA was a great resource for me to develop our idea and make connections to help us along the way,” said Emaad.

SIA provided Emaad the opportunity to connect with GivingPoint’s Associate Program Manager, Dr. De’Andre Pickett, who Emaad credits for helping bring their social impact project to life.

“De’Andre really helped me with the idea and understanding where I wanted to go in the planning stages of the project. After that, Dev and I talked about where we saw the Carbon-12 Project going and had a meeting with De’Andre where we were all able to connect and discuss the possible next steps.”

Those next steps for the Carbon-12 Project revolve around creating awareness of carbon emissions starting with their first farmers market event which is currently in the works. Emaad and Dev also intend to raise money for geoengineering technologies and projects that work to reduce carbon emissions.

Emaad and Dev feel prepared to get started, in part due to the workshops and community of SIA.

“We didn’t know where to start. So, having SIA as a resource gave us more of a path,” recalls Dev.

“SIA helped us to connect with experienced people and valuable lessons like marketing and pitching your social impact project – all of that is still currently helping us grow. I think the best experience was just having the network there which allowed us to learn from the presenters and even meet students with similar mindsets of service,” adds Emaad.

To learn more about the Carbon-12 Project follow their journey on Instagram at @carbon.12 or email carbon12project@gmail.com.

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