Meet Mimi S., an Alpharetta High School junior, varsity tennis player and active participant in her Chinese community. After discovering Social Innovators Academy (SIA) through one of her close friends, she was excited to learn how to become an impactful social entrepreneur.

“I’d never heard of an organization that helps students create non-profits and I think what Giving Point does is super important because young people need to understand the social impact they’re capable of making,” said Mimi. “I was excited to start because I knew SIA would help me step out of my comfort zone and teach me the new leadership skills I needed.”

As a member of the Young National Organization of Women (YNOW) and People Against Trafficking Human (PATH), Mimi saw an opportunity to continue her passion for helping disadvantaged women. Teaming up with her friends Shivaani K. and Pooja K., they worked to create the Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF), an organization focused on educating women domestically and internationally about their female health needs.

The Women’s Health Awareness Foundations’ main goal is to decrease the stigma surrounding menstrual cycles domestically and internationally. By working with domestic abuse and human trafficking shelters, as well as shipping international supplies to rural areas of India, they hope to make a difference in the currently negative conversation surrounding female puberty.

Their solution to this problem is to increase education by providing informational health pamphlets within their care packages, along with sanitary health supplies such as pads and wipes, designed to help girls across the world understand that what they are going through is completely natural.

Their goal is to be able to send a care package to a domestic shelter every two months and an international package twice a year. With the help of in-kind donations and partnering clubs, WHAF will begin to fill wish lists from homeless and domestic abuse shelters around the Atlanta area.

“Before, my friends and I were really worried about money because of how difficult it is to purchase and ship so many health products. After learning about budgeting and even creating a budget of our own, all those worries went away,” said Mimi. “It’s also really comforting knowing that the people from Giving Point are always there for us and that we can email them at any time. “

After SIA, Mimi felt inspired by her peers and their passion projects. To her, Giving Point is a powerful tool that is rarely offered at a high school level, one that she feels could benefit students across the country.

“Through Giving Point, you learn a lot of leadership skills that will definitely benefit you in the future whether or not you want to go into social entrepreneurship or business,” said Mimi.

If you’re interested in supporting the Women’s Health Awareness Foundation and Mimi, you can email for information on how to send product donations or visit their GoFundMe page to make monetary donations.

Follow WHAF on Instagram @whaf.atl to learn more about their mission and to receive updates on all their great work.

If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more about the Social Innovators Academy, we would love to hear from you.  Please email our Director of Programs, Paige Whalen at