Julia H. is a sophomore at Roswell High School and student in the 2018-2019 Roswell High School Social Innovators Academy cohort.

Julia Haley, a 10th grader at Roswell High School, is passionate about helping others — access clean water for people around the world, and ensuring human rights for everyone.

She is channeling these passions into her project, which aims to educate people in her community about the lack of clean and accessible water in many developing countries and the role that women and girls have in collecting water. Many girls and women across the world must walk long distances, often in unsafe areas to get even small amounts of water that isn’t even clean.

Haley’s project is to create signs to place in her local park that will tell the stories of these women. She also plans to host events to take people in her community on the walk to interact with the stories being exhibited. Haley began this project from a place of passion for educating her community first, which she believes will lead to greater change.

Haley states, “I also feel that clean and accessible water is a human right that everyone deserves and I want to do my part to help more people have access to this right.”