George, a junior at Westminster, stays involved, to say the least. His involvement as a varsity football player, lacrosse player, science Olympiad, admissions ambassador and service corps member are just the beginning.

After a trip to Georgia Works with his class, George was inspired to use his love for technology to help those in need. Through his project, Technology Opens Doors, George aims to help people qualify for higher-paying jobs and to make applications easier by providing the necessary tools such as computers and technical skills training classes.

After hearing about Social Innovators Academy (SIA) from his service corps sponsor at Westminster, George was able to bring his idea to reality. Working with Paige Whalen, the director of programs at GivingPoint, George continues to grow his idea and turn his passion to action.

By conducting an in-depth survey focused on the needs of the community, George found that the best way to get started would be by providing computers.

George – Technology Opens Doors

“As a member and now president of the iClub at school, I knew we had some old computers that could be refurbished,” George explained. “I took them and combined the parts, so there are basically four computers with the majority of the parts in place.”

His plans for his project involve buying the remaining parts for the computers and establishing quarterly training for some basic software packages. He will continue to work through his graduation and wants the project to carry on at Westminster through the service corps and iClub.

George’s ultimate hope is to gather a team to set up the computers, lead training and monitor the progress of the project in order to track where the greatest needs lie.

But none of this would be possible without the help and tools provided by SIA.

“SIA is a great vehicle to move your project from an idea stage to actual reality. It is so exciting to see something that you have thought about actually happen and change people’s lives,” George said. “Even though I am only seventeen, I see I can make a difference in the world.  I want to continue doing projects like this into my adult years.”

With the encouragement and support from Paige and SIA, George is inspired to build his project, expanding it to other areas of Georgia and beyond. To raise money for his project, George will sell phone pockets at an Alternative Gift fair at Westminster.

He is also looking for monetary donations to help continue his project’s growth as well as in-kind donations such as hardware and software that can supplement the parts he already has.

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