Davita founded Pencils for Success following a trip to India three years ago. While there, she came to the unsettling realization that many students do not have the basic school supplies needed for their education.

After returning home, Davita immediately dove into researching this topic. She was disheartened to learn that this issue was a worldwide problem with around 72 million children lacking basic education. Her solution through Pencils for Success is to collect unused and gently used supplies for underprivileged students to positively affect their education.

“I saw that students weren’t able to pursue their education because they didn’t have school supplies. I realized that we all have so many items just sitting around our homes and I thought, ‘Why don’t we put those things to use?’ And that’s how Pencils for Success was born,” said Davita.

Davita donating pencils to Roswell’s Foster Care Support Foundation

Despite her initial apprehension on whether or not the idea would work, the pounds of school supplies that poured in from her community proved her fears to be unfounded. Davita has since worked to bring the mission of Pencils for Success closer to home by collecting donations for the Foster Care Support Foundation in Roswell. Those supplies are currently being used to help students in Davita’s own backyard.

Davita credits much of her organization’s growth to her time at the 2019-2020 Summer Social Innovators Academy.

“I didn’t really have any goals for Pencils for Success. I just knew that I wanted to help as many students as possible, but with Social Innovators Academy I was able to put into perspective how many students I wanted to help, how many donations I wanted to receive, and how I could grow in the Alpharetta and Roswell area.”

With topics covered like goal setting, event planning, networking, and even marketing, Davita finished her Summer Social Innovators Academy experience with a much clearer future for Pencils for Success. She also left the Academy with two new team members from her cohort, Rishi and Sibel, who now work alongside Davita to further the mission of making a difference one pencil at a time.

Ultimately, Davita found that, “Social Innovators Academy is the place for you to figure out what your passion is, find your ideas, and grow yourself, not only as a person but also someone who can help the community. It was really life-changing for me!”

Davita is now in the process of starting a club for Pencils for Success at Alpharetta High School, partnering with a similar organization in India, all while still collecting donations and raising awareness.

You can learn more about Pencils for Success, now a registered nonprofit, on their website or if you would like to donate please contact davita.verma@gmail.com or pencilsforsuccess@gmail.com.  For updates follow their progress on Instagram.

If you, or someone you know, would like to put your passion to action and find out more about our upcoming Spring 2020 Social Innovators Academy, we would love to hear from you.

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