Meet Anthony, an avid reader with an affinity for video games, and a sophomore at Alliance Academy for Innovation of Forsyth. Anthony first discovered Social Innovators Academy (SIA) when he was researching potential activities to get involved with over the summer of 2019. Upon finding SIA, he was ready to dive in and turn his passion to action.

Like many students, Anthony began his SIA journey with a spirit for service and a willingness to help. Through the academy‘s insights and the relationships he built along the way, Anthony was able to unite his love of gaming with his passion to positively affect others.

“I realized it might be the perfect way to turn my passion for video gaming into an organization that could help put smiles on people’s faces,” recalls Anthony.

Anthony (far left) graduating from SIA

Thus, Anthony’s Arcade was born. His project, now a non-profit organization, works to gather video game systems, video games, and accessories to donate to hospitals for kids and teens alike to enjoy.

“The idea came from both my passion for gaming and the realization that there are kids and teens in hospitals feeling stuck and even bored. In my business, we look to turn their frowns upside down and give them the chance to smile.”

From there, Anthony set out to establish connections with people and organizations who could help contribute to the growth of Anthony’s Arcade. For Anthony, making those connections was far easier with the tools and knowledge provided by SIA.

“SIA really helped me with building connections from understanding networking to using it to my advantage. SIA equipped me with the tools to succeed and navigate the challenges that come with starting a new business.”

When asked if Anthony would recommend SIA to a friend he replied, “I would definitely recommend SIA to a friend because it is a good place to find out where your interests lie and really start to develop a mind-frame of how to help others.”

Currently, Anthony’s Arcade is selling video game inspired sculptures and art created by local artists to raise money. In the future, Anthony plans to coordinate video game tournaments to expand the scope of donations while also furthering overall awareness of Anthony’s Arcade. His ultimate goal for Anthony’s Arcade is to bring joy to kids and teens in hospitals through the use of video games.

To learn more about the mission or products of Anthony’s Arcade or donating to its cause, please visit

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