Leadership is the backbone of any organization, project or initiative. The guidance, inspiration and motivation provided by a strategic leader enables individuals and organizations to succeed. Through our strategic leadership workshopexpert presenters guide students through the skills needed to be encouraging, engaging leaders able to manage and support their own social impact projects and teams.  

So, how can you shape yourself into a strategic leader?

These 5 principles will help you not only strengthen your abilities but build your confidence as a strategic leader. 

  1. Anticipate –Without proper planning, many projects fail to ever make it off the ground. Strategic leaders are keen observers with a knack for looking ahead. To improve your anticipation skills, talk with your target audience to better understand their needs or challenges. 
  2. Challenge Strategic thinkers question the norm, challenge assumptions and encourage different perspectives. This type of thinking can increase the overall knowledge and potential reach of your project. This principle is easily put into practice by welcoming questions and working to maintain an open mind.   
  3. Translate –An environment that welcomes challengeoften experiences contradicting ideas which is why a strategic leader needs to know how to interpret information. When attempting to understand different opinions or views it’s important to zoom out from the details and look at the big picture. 
  4. Decide –Strategic leaders are decisionmakers. What sets these thinkers apart is their need to explore multiple options. The first answer might not always be the best solution for your project. Invite multiple opinions, explore short-term and long-term resolutions to better understand the demands of your project.
  5. Align – The ability to find common ground is essential for any effective leader. Sometimes the image you envision at the start of your project is not achievable. Remember that compromise is not always negative, sometimes it’s simply a different route to success.

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