The second session of our fall Social Innovators Academy was a success with students focusing on the importance of project planning and networking.

On September 14, our impressive workshop presenter, Brian Gamsey joined GivingPoint and our students at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). An Associate at Morris, Manning, Martin Law and Founder of Triple Play, Brian led students through the two workshops of the day.

Project Planning

The first workshop investigated the what, why, and when of project planning. Students were then encouraged to develop their own timelines for their project implementation. Finally, our social innovators put their newfound skills to the test when divided into two groups to plan an event. Throughout the activity, they were periodically given real-life obstacles to address such as an unusable event space or an unexpected donation. Enacting the project planning process and the potential barriers that could arise allowed students the opportunity to brainstorm and even see team chemistry in action


During the networking workshop, students explored the common myths and keys to making a good first impression. Students had the opportunity to practice correct introductions, handshakes and eye contact as they networked among their peers. Our presenter, Brian, defined the meaning and function of advisors, individuals that provide advice and guidance, and executors, those that can help them implement elements of their projects. Students then took the time to write down who they deem in their networks be advisors as well as executors. This activity allowed our students to identify the appropriate individuals in their lives to assist with their social impact project from friends or family, to teachers or faith leaders they trust.


We are happy to say that these emerging social entrepreneurs are well on their way to bringing their innovative ideas and passion areas to life! We look forward to helping them further explore and identify how they can give back to their communities.

We want to express our gratitude to Omar Esposito and Aubrey Lenyard at the ATDC for hosting our workshop and students in their amazing space. Finally, a special thanks to Jessica Wuensch who joined us Saturday to help facilitate the workshops and photograph our students in action.

The next session of our new and improved fall SIA program will take place Saturday, October 19th at The Cottage School in Roswell. Students will be learning how to budget for their projects. Our friends from JourneyLIFE will also be there to help guide students through the process of identifying their purpose. Additionally, our third workshop will feature an Overcoming Adversity Panel with local community leaders present to answer student questions.

Interested in joining the Social Innovators Academy?

If you, or someone you know, would like to put your passion to action and find out more about our upcoming Spring 2020 Social Innovators Academy, we would love to hear from you.

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