Our final Social Innovators Academy workshops of the year took place this week, covering the topic of the Nonprofit Process and a discussion of sustainability and the future of the student’s projects. This workshop and ensuing discussion is important, because life after SIA doesn’t look the same for each student and each project. GivingPoint has had plenty of students go on to obtain their 501(c)3 status, but also has students continue their work in other ways. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the variety of options available, and to give students a better idea of what it takes to incorporate as an official nonprofit.

On top of all the serious discussion, this workshop was also a final celebration and recognition of the work the students have done over the past eight months and included handing out certificates of participation.

Our South Fulton cohort met on Tuesday April 9th and heard from Jen Booth, the Communications and Development Officer for Literacy Action, Inc. Jen shared a broad overview of what it means to be a nonprofit and some of the factors that are important when considering incorporating. De’Andre, GivingPoint’s South Fulton Program Manager, has a foundation and nonprofit of his own, and was also able to add to the discussion.

When it came to the recognition portion of the evening, we were lucky to have a few parents join us in celebrating their students. Our South Fulton cohort was on the smaller side, but the passion of each student made the group just as impactful as a larger one.

Our North Fulton cohort met on Tuesday April 16th to learn from Brian Gamsey, an Associate at the law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin. Brian was a great presenter because he was able to explain some of the legal processes involved in becoming a nonprofit, but also could speak from his own personal experience running a foundation that he founded while in high school.

We’ve had such a great year with both these groups of students, and we are excited to watch them continue to succeed, with their projects and beyond. Our celebration of the students is not over quite yet, as we still have our 2019 Sparks Event yet to come on Tuesday, April 23rd. The evening will provide SIA students the chance to network with fellow students, community supporters, school administrators and more, and allows GivingPoint to recognize everyone who made the 2018-2019 Social Innovators Academy program as successful as it was. We hope to see you there!