Social Innovators Academy: Perfecting Your Pitch


This month’s topic for our Social Innovators Academy students was “Perfecting Your Pitch.” Our South Fulton group came together on Tuesday October 2nd at Constellations, and our North Fulton group came together on Tuesday October 9th at the Historic Roswell Visitor’s Center. As always, thank you to these locations for letting us use your space!


A powerful pitch is essential for a good social entrepreneur. The ability to clearly and concisely talk about the heart of your project or passion can be a make or break moment when you find yourself in the presence of potential supporters, volunteers, or financial bakers.


For our South Fulton cohort, we were lucky to have Dr. Isabelle Monlouis, the associate director of the H.J. Russell Center for Entrepreneurship at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Dr. Monlouis shared an example of a pitch presented by her students and had the SIA students analyze it, for both the good and the bad. And then she moved into sharing the most important parts of a pitch, including the personalization and storytelling aspects.


The students all had an opportunity to discuss the “why” behind their projects, and began formulating pitches they could use to share this “why” in a way that is compelling to others.

Thank you again to Dr. Monlouis for sharing her time and expertise!



Our North Fulton group gathered at the Historic Roswell Visitor’s Center to learn from Sharla Calloway, the Director of Volunteer Services for North Fulton Community Charities.

Sharla took a step-by-step approach for teaching the SIA students about how to build a great pitch, and her method also focused on the “why” behind the students’ projects. She told them that as long as they can always remember the “why,” the rest will come easily to them.


The students also participated in a variety of activities to practice their comfortableness with direct interactions, such as 30-seconds of uninterrupted eye contact, 30-seconds of smiling, 30-seconds of talking nonstop about themselves, etc.

The students learned a lot and are ready to keep practicing their pitches until they’ve perfected them!

Thank you again to Sharla for sharing her time and expertise!


Both Dr. Monlouis and Sharla participated in our summer workshops as well, with Dr. Monlouis as a Minno-vation judge during our Georgia State program, and Sharla presenting on Networking during our Cottage School program.


Thank you again to these amazing ladies! This lesson is a cornerstone to SIA students’ success.

We are looking forward to our students continuing practicing their pitches next month when they learn about Networking!