Social Innovators Academy: Networking


For November’s Social Innovators Academy workshops, we focused on Networking. Our South Fulton group came together on Tuesday November 6th at Constellations in Downtown Atlanta, and our North Fulton group met on Tuesday November 13th at Century 21 Connect in Roswell. Thank you to both of these locations for always allowing us to use your amazing spaces for our workshops!


Networking is an invaluable skill for everyone, especially a social entrepreneur. Our students are constantly interacting with new people, and as they discovered in the Networking presentation, you never know who you may be talking with and what they could potentially have to offer you and your project.


Our South Fulton group heard from Dr. Rubina Malik, a strategist and a professor at Morehouse College. Dr. Malik has previously presented GivingPoint and always brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for our students. Additionally, for every topic she covers, she also has our SIA students apply that knowledge and actually practice their new skills with the group of Morehouse students she brings with for the presentation.

Dr. Malik covers everything from introductions to handshakes to eating etiquette and everything in between. Our students are lucky to learn from her!

For our North Fulton group, we had Holly York back to present again. Holly is the Director of Development at North Fulton Community Charities, and has a wealth of experience when it comes to networking. Holly helped the students learn how to navigate conversations and interactions with people you know and those you are just meeting.

Something both groups made clear was the fact that your network can include all kinds of people! Especially as we head into the holiday season with a lot of family time, it can be helpful to talk with your family members about your projects and passions, because you never know with whom they may be connected.

Additionally, both presenters made sure to emphasize that a good networking relationships isn’t simply about what you can get from someone, but instead is also about what you can offer them. Partnerships and relationships built through networking are a two way street, and Social Innovators Academy students have plenty of skills to offer to others as well!


Thank you again to our amazing presenters, Dr. Rubina Malik and Holly York, for sharing your time with our students.

We are looking forward to our last workshops of 2018 coming up soon in December, covering the topic of Strategic Leadership!