Our Social Innovators Academy participants attended the fourth session of our fall program on Saturday, Nov. 2. Our presenters Kelley Cody-Grimm and Rony Delgarde led students through workshops focusing on not only marketing their social impact projects but perfecting the pitch intended for their peers or future investors.

Perfecting Your Pitch

Kelley Cody-Grimm, Non-Profit Consultant and Improv Writer walked students through her presentation on how to convey their project-specific ‘why.’ She highlighted the importance of remaining focused on the key details of one’s project to truly communicate the mission. Kelley challenged the students to put this method to the test and create a 30-second pitch including a call-to-action. As an added activity, students were given random topics to pitch for one minute with no preparation time.

By doing so these social innovators have the opportunity to produce a clear, to-the-point pitch and receive constructive feedback. Ultimately, this activity allowed the students to gain confidence in their speaking ability while learning to think on their feet.


Rony Delgarde, Founder of Global Paint for Charity, presented the key principals of marketing. This helps students understand how to effectively communicate and represent their social impact projects, which is vital in gaining support. Rony challenged our students to think through what exactly they’ll be marketing, who their audience might be, and how or what avenues they could use to market their message. He also shared his experiences marketing his own company at a local level, but also nationally and internationally.

Following these key learnings, students worked on their final presentations for the last session of our Fall Social Innovators Academy. The fifth session on Nov. 16 will take place at the ATDC in downtown Atlanta with students having the opportunity to pitch their projects to a panel of evaluators.

As expected, our social innovators passion areas and social impact projects are vast. It has been such a joy watching our students grow their passion to action, and we are so looking forward to seeing them all come to fruition.

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