We kicked off the third session of our fall Social Innovators Academy this past Saturday, Oct. 19 at The Cottage School in Roswell. With 16 students participating, we focused on budgeting, overcoming adversity, and finding your passion.


Our first workshop outlined the importance of budgeting as it is a crucial aspect that students must grasp to properly plan for their projects. The students participated in a series of budget related activities to fully understand how budgeting effects real life planning. In teams of three, our social innovators were tasked with budgeting for a week’s worth of meals on $100. Many students were surprised to discover how difficult or in some cases, how easy this exercise proved to be.

Overcoming Adversity

Our students will inevitably face challenges throughout the planning and implementation of their projects. To help equip them with the necessary tools to navigate and address challenges, we host an Overcoming Adversity panel in which we invite local nonprofit leaders to share their perspectives.

We were fortunate to have Eric Atwood, Founder of The Speakers Studio, Kelley Cody Grimm, Non-Profit Consultant and Rony Delgarde, Founder of Global Paints for Charity.  These non-profit leaders shared their experiences as well as the strategies they utilize in overcoming challenges in their own business. Students were able to engage with our panelists by asking questions throughout and even mingling after. Thank you again to Eric, Kelley and Rony for donating their time and supporting our students!

Finding Your Passion

Our friends from JourneyLife also stopped by and spoke with students about passion and finding purpose. JourneyLife believes in a world in which everyone is pursuing their purpose. With a mission to give back from the beginning, they provide opportunities for high school students to define their purpose and prepare for life after high school.

The JourneyLife team walked the students through their app and used surveys to help each student develop a personal purpose statement. Some students even participated in a follow-up interview with JourneyLife to provide feedback about their experience.

Finally, a huge thank you to The Cottage School for hosting Social Innovators Academy as well as Jessica Wuensch, who co-facilitated our workshops for the day. As always, we appreciate your support!

Coming up on Saturday, November 2, we will be covering Marketing and Perfecting your Pitch at The Cottage at Lost Corner Preserve in Sandy Springs.

Interested in joining the Social Innovators Academy?

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