Budgeting and Fundraising

This month’s Social Innovators Academy topic was Budgeting and Fundraising.


Our South Fulton group came together on Tuesday 9/4 and our North Fulton group met on Tuesday 9/11.

Money may run the world, but our goal is to help our students realize that there are plenty of ways to support their projects.

We kicked off with pizza and an activity, to help the students start thinking creatively about money. All the students were given a small Lego puzzle to assemble, but much to their chagrin, they were not provided with all the pieces they needed.

They were also provided with some cash that they could use to visit the James at the “market” where they could purchase additional pieces and sell back some of their unneeded pieces. The whole activity is timed, and makes for a bit of a high stress situation for the students. But, whether or not they can actually complete their Lego creation, the students learn a lot about bartering and thinking creatively.


Once we wrapped up the activity, we headed into the lesson of the workshop.

For the South Fulton cohort, our presenter was Alison Fussell, the Executive Director at Childspring International. Alison helped the students understand some big-picture topics about financing an organization, using examples from her own work. She broke down various types of funding and walked the students through the specific example of a fundraising golf tournament that Childspring has hosted, answering any and all questions along the way.

For our North Fulton cohort, our presenter was Amy Gates, the Executive Director of GivingPoint. Amy discussed the importance of building a realistic budget, incorporating various types of fundraising to support their projects. The students completed a sample budget to get them started thinking about what it will take to turn their project ideas into reality.

Financially supporting their nonprofit or project is a vital step for our Social Innovators Academy students, and that is why it is important to cover it so early in our curriculum.

We are grateful for our presenters, Alison and Amy, for sharing their expertise, and know that our students will make valuable steps forward with this new knowledge.

We are looking forward to meeting next month to cover Perfecting Your Pitch with both our South and North Fulton groups!