What it means to be a Social Innovators Academy presenter


At GivingPoint, we believe setting our students up for success means letting them learn from the best of the best, and we are lucky to work each year with industry experts and to meet new leaders each year who are willingly share their expertise with our students.

What makes these presentations powerful is that presenters get to bring their whole selves to their time with the students. Each of our Social Innovators Academy workshops focuses on a specific topic in the realm of Social Entrepreneurship (i.e., event planning, fundraising, perfecting your pitch, etc.) and who better to teach about these things then the people who live these topics every day!


The best presentations are ones that are built from the presenter’s experience, and this is what the GivingPoint team looks for when seeking presenters to teach the skills of Social Entrepreneurship.


A presenter’s unique story, skills, and experience are the best learning tools for true civic change. We often learn the most from those who have gone before us, and the experts who have shared their time with the students in the Social Innovators Academy have learned the importance of inspiring the next generation to action. What good is knowledge if we keep it to ourselves!?


Sharing your expertise as a presenter to students in the Social Innovators Academy is not just about disseminating skills and knowledge. It’s also about connecting and interacting with young adults who see the world differently and who take their responsibility as an individual in their community to heart.


Every presenter and guest at a SIA presentation is always blown away by the passion, creativity, and ingenuity that the students in the program possess.


GivingPoint stands in the gap and provides an open door for students to make their personal passions into powerful tools for change in their communities, but none of that is possible without the impactful presentations hosted by volunteers from around the community. Presenters truly make a difference, and without them, the passions of these students would stay as dreams and not become the real and lasting change that they could be.


In the words of Dr. Rubina Malik, a longtime GivingPoint presenter “I love being a presenter because it allows me to impact the future leaders of tomorrow. The students are always hungry and eager to learn.” 


If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact James Keller, GivingPoint’s Director of Programs, at james@mygivingpoint.org. Thank you for your interest! You make all the difference in the lives of our students!