GivingPoint uses Service Cords to recognize graduating seniors for their work in the community. Service cords are awarded to students who have gone to great lengths to meet a specific set of criteria to make a lasting volunteer impact in their communities.


To earn a service cord, a student must meet all of the following of criteria:

  1. Only graduating high school seniors can be awarded a service cord. These will be delivered to your school via mail or your counselor.
  2. Students must log at least 150 hours of approved volunteer hours on MobileServe, connected to GivingPoint. Read more about MobileServe here. Volunteer hours includes any time volunteered (i.e. without pay) at a charity or nonprofit organization. This can also include service done with churches, schools and youth groups.

THE DEADLINE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A SERVICE CORD IS MARCH 31st of your graduating year. Applications and hours must be completed by 3/31/2019 at midnight.

Apply for a service cord here:

Any questions: Contact us at or call us at 470-292-0130.