MobileServe FAQs

GivingPoint recently partnered with MobileServe to provide a new and improved hours-tracking experience. Helping students track their service hours is an integral part of the GivingPoint experience, and MobileServe helps us take that to the next level.

To create a MobileServe account and get started tracking your hours today, please visit our login page and scroll to the bottom to create your account.

Continue reading for a few of the most frequently asked questions about MobileServe and GivingPoint. If you have a question and cannot find the answer on this page, please contact us and we will be glad to help!

  • How can I access MobileServe?

You can either click through the “existing student” link on GivingPoint’s website at, or log in directly via the MobileServe website at Additionally, MobileServe has a mobile app, which can be downloaded in the app store, either in the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

  • Do I (student) have to pay for a MobileServe account?

No, it is completely free for students to track and view their hours using MobileServe. We are currently working on building a free version of your service resume, but at the moment there is a version available for purchase.

  • Do I (student) need a MobileServe account to log my hours?

Yes, you need a MobileServe account to log your hours. You can create an account via GivingPoint’s website at or via MobileServe’s website at and then using the corresponding code, based on your graduation year: GP2019, GP2020, GP2021, GP2022.

  •  How do I (student) log my hours?
    • Log into your MobileServe account
    • Type in the number of hours logged
    • Click the “GivingPoint” box and choose a category for your hours
    • Tell your story! Explain what you did and why it was meaningful to you
    • (Optional) Geo-tag your hours, and add photos to your post
    • Type in the name and email of your supervisor (teacher, program leader, etc) so they can verify your hours
    • OR Have your supervisor (teacher, program leader, etc) sign directly on your phone to confirm your hours
    • Click “SUBMIT HOURS”
  • Do we (school/nonprofit) need a MobileServe account to verify student hours?

No, you do not need a MobileServe account to verify student hours.

  • How do we (school/nonprofit) get access to reporting features in MobileServe?

You do need a MobileServe account and subscription to access the reporting dashboard, which provides you with more detailed information and an overview of all the hours your students are logging. If you are interested in getting access to reporting, please contact us at

  • How do we (school/nonprofit) verify student hours?

Students can have teachers or program leaders sign directly on their phone, within the MobileServe app. If the student lists an email for a teacher or service leader, they will receive an email asking them to confirm the student’s attendance. Confirming the attendance is a simple one-click button, and doesn’t require the teacher or program leader to have a MobileServe account.

  • How are my (student) hours verified?

Hours are verified in a variety of ways. Students can input a teachers or program leader email address, or can have the teacher or program leader sign on your phone at the event. Additionally, you can use geotagging to confirm your location at the service project.

  • I (student) had an account on the old GivingPoint site… where did my hours go?

Don’t panic! We are working on transferring all of your approved hours from our old GivingPoint site over to MobileServe over the next few months. We transfer hours periodically, not every day, so please give us some time before following up. We promise we didn’t forget about you!

  • If you used to have a MyGivingPoint account, make sure to use the same email address to create your new MobileServe account.
  • Does GivingPoint own MobileServe?

No, MobileServe is a private company, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, who focuses solely on their hours-tracking platform. Because it is all they do, they have become masters at it, so we wanted to let them shine.

Still have a question? Feel free to contact us at for more information. Thanks for using GivingPoint and MobileServe!