2019 Spring Semester SIA cohort at Milton High School donated over 2,600 cans of paint and raised over $2,700 for Global Paint for Charity!

Hosting an event or creating a social impact project is a core tenant of GivingPoint’s Social Innovators Academy (SIA), and our 2019 Spring Semester SIA cohort at Milton High School decided to host one collaborative group event in addition to the individual projects students were doing.

The group of Milton SIA students, mostly freshman and sophomores, decided to partner with Global Paint for Charity and host a paint drive. Rony Delgarde, the founder of Global Paint for Charity, was the first speaker of the 2019 Spring Semester SIA program at Milton, and he inspired the students with his passion and dedication. Global Paint for Charity collects leftover paint from business and individuals and then consolidates, repackages, and distributes the paint locally and internationally.

The students at Milton knew that many people, including their families, have loads of leftover paint sitting around at home, but no effective way to dispose of the paint. Global Paint for Charity helps people get rid of an unwanted item and is able to turn around and use that paint to make a positive change in communities all across the globe.

The paint drive took place on Saturday May 18th at Milton High School and was completely coordinated by the SIA students. Throughout the morning they collected cans of paint and cash donations, directed traffic, educated those attending the paint drive, and more. Overall the group of students gathered over 2,600 cans of paint and raised over $2,700.

Join us in congratulating these phenomenal students!