Project planning is an essential skill that, when executed correctly, can lead to performance-driving initiatives within your business, impressive achievements within the classroom and even organization within your own home. However, the more stakeholders you are working to impress and the larger your scope of work, the more intimidating project planning can become.

So, how can you create a project plan that sets you up for success?

These 5 key steps will help you execute your very own project plan with poise and confidence.

Identify Stakeholders – Who will be affected by the results of your project plan? Depending on the project, this could include customers, teachers, managers, end users or other parties. It is important to know who these individuals are before you begin, so you can keep their interests in mind as you formulate your project plan.

Set Goals – Once you know who you are working to impress, your next step is to collectively align on specific project goals. These should be SMART goals, meaning they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time oriented.

Define Deliverables – In order to achieve these SMART goals, you will need to outline the tactical deliverables and steps that need to be completed. Detail is key here, as this list will give you a comprehensive view of everything that needs to be accomplished within the project.

Create a Timeline – Now it’s time to narrow in on your deliverables and define the amount of time necessary to complete each individual one. Be honest with yourself and your stakeholders when building out a timeline. This will help set expectations from the get-go and reduce the chance of missing project deadlines later down the road.

Present Your Project Plan – You’ve done your homework, mapped out every detail and now it’s time to regroup with your stakeholders and share what you’ve created. Be clear and accessible in your presentation, taking questions and asking for feedback. This is the opportune time to ensure everyone is on the same page and the last step in your planning before you hit the ground running!

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