Q: How do I submit my hours?

Visit MobileServe and log in with your MobileServe account.

Q: What is Social Innovators Academy?

Social Innovators Academy is a program that supports and equips students to put their passion into action and take their idea to the next level. Visit our Social Innovators Academy page for more information.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

Any student that lives in the Metro Atlanta area and is able to attend the scheduled sessions. Students are recommended to have 100 volunteer hours logged through GivingPoint, and an idea on how they can impact their community, before applying.

Q: What are the workshops like?

Students meet with different business experts and community leaders who share their knowledge about their respective profession and skills. The workshops are fun, informative, and inspiring, and the students are challenged with assignments prior to and after each workshop.

Q: I am not in the Metro Atlanta area; is there a way to set up a chapter of SIA where I live?

Right now, GivingPoint is diligently working on distributing our curriculum and establishing a clear process to open chapters. Please contact us at info@mygivingpoint.org for more information.

Q: Who can I contact with more questions about GPI?

Please contact Paige Whalen or De’Andre Pickett at paige@mygivingpoint.org or deandre@mygivingpoint.org.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions information is located here

Q: How can my school get involved with GivingPoint?

Contact us at info@mygivingpoint.org.

Q: I want to donate but don’t know how?

You can donate to GivingPoint directly at www.mygivingpoint.org/kindful.com.