The end of the year is upon us and for the Social Innovators Academy that means one thing… graduation!

18 phenomenal students graduated from the Social Innovators Academy and proudly presented their social impact projects and it was smiles all round when they received their graduation certificates as a reward for their hard work and dedication. Read below to find out more about our student’s individual projects.

Olivia S. North Atlanta High School, Sophmore   |   The Brave Girls Lead Project

Project Description: The Brave Girls Lead Project is an after-school program for middle school girls that runs twice every week. The program runs during the school year and provides different activities, such as field trips and speakers, that these girls might not otherwise get access to. The program also provides a high-school mentor for each girl and tutoring.

Call to Action: The Brave Girls Lead Project is in need of in-kind/monetary donations, volunteers, and people to spread the word. For more information or to take action email

Carmen M. Union Grove High School, Senior   |   TSS: Think It, Speak It, Share It

Project Description: TSS is an 18-week workshop that will shapes high schoolers’ perspectives on public speaking by improving confidence in speech and identifying a purpose in an after-school workshop. I along with a specific team of people will illuminate the structure of a successful public speaker and assist participants with understanding public speaking is inevitable, so…why not do it right?

Call to Action: TSS is looking for donated space to conduct the meetings, guest speakers willing to share stories of overcoming adversities, and connections to people who may be willing to offer space for meetings. To help please email

Jamaceo R. Maynard Jackson High School, Senior   |   Open Arms

Project Description: Using fashion to promote positivity and mental healthcare with the help of positive messaging and thoughts to better help those in need. The clothing to help those who need it most. The brand to help.

Call to Action: Open Arms is in need of connections – people who are passionate about change the narrative around Mental Health, finding space for events, assistance with the nonprofit process, and volunteers. If you or someone you know would like to help Instagram: hi_imemotional or email

Vaani B. Fulton Science Academy, Senior   |   Stress-Free Saturdays

Project Description: A seasonal event where all students are invited to take part in activities that will distract them from school and give them a break. The mission is to allow kids to be free for a day – stop worrying about school for a day.

Call to Action: To donate food items or materials please email

Mimi S., Pooja K., Shivaani K. Alpharetta High School, Junior   | Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF)

Project Description: The Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF) works to spread awareness about poor sanitation practices and ensures that people receive basic sanitation. The goal is to spread awareness and collect donations of sanitary products and distribute them to people with limited access to these products.

Call to Action: To learn more and see how you can help email and follow WHAF’s journey on Instagram at @whaf.atl.

Kayla W. Drew Charter School, Sophomore   |   Gun Violence

Project Description: Gun Violence’s goal is to bring awareness to the cause and effects of gun violence, help victims by connecting with health professionals and allowing the victims to tell their story. Gun Violence will do that by hosting events to bring awareness, organizing a team to help bring in professionals, create an open environment to speak about experiences, and holding rallies to try and influence Georgia officials.

Call to Action: What you can do: E.S.D – Empower those who have been victims of gun violence to speak about their experiences and to heal from them. Spread the word of gun violence and its effects by sharing your story, educating and spreading the truth. Donating to local and/or widespread gun violence organizations to help support their cause. Interested in learning more? Email

Charlie K. The Westminster School, Sophmore   |   Design for Dignity

Project Description: Design for Dignity’s goal is to learn how to help design a dignified space that is more than a shelter, to learn how to help design sustainable green shelters, and to help build shelters faster.

Call to Action: Contact Charlie at if you are interested in helping Design for Dignity fulfill its mission!

Divya V. Alpharetta High School, Junior   | Brain Diseases: An Incurable Epidemic

Project Description: Brain Diseases: An Incurable Epidemic works to mitigate the suffering of those with dementia by combining my interest in service, civic engagement, music, and STEM. Brain Diseases: An Incurable Epidemic’s goal is to reduce the progression of dementia by creating picture books for each resident at a local facility, establishing partnerships between high schools and facilities, making training video for volunteers and providing music and activity books.

Call to Action: If you want to assist Brain Diseases: An Incurable Epidemic with its mission email

Jamiracle W. Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy, Senior   | Grow for Change

Project Description: We provide urban community gardens for food deserts City of Metro-Atlanta.

Call to Action: Grow for Change is asking for you to show your awareness through donations and support. Follow the growth for change on Instagram at @growforchange.

Siwoo K. Chattahoochee High School, Junior   |   JanuCare Homeless Services

Project Description: JanuCare is a non-profit organization that helps homeless population by providing them basic human needs. We pursue to achieve equality by granting basic human rights for the homeless population.

Call to Action: Please consider donating at

George C. The Westminster School, Junior   |   Technology Opens Doors

Project Description: Technology Opens Doors exists to enhance the ability of the men of Georgia Works! to find meaningful employment by providing computers and training in basic software.

Call to Action: Monetary and/or in-kind donations needed. For more information visit www. or email at

Minjung K. Chattahoochee High School, Junior   |   Mathmatters

Project Description: Mathematters is a nonprofit organization founded by students in the Philippines. We provide math classes for Alabang Elementary School in the Philippines. I, Minjung Kyun, am the founder of Mathematters who is currently living in the United States. I am raising money to support my group back in the Philippines. With the money raised, we are going to supply Alabang Elementary School with the material they are lacking with such as notebooks, pencils, soaps, textbooks and etc.

Call to Action: To be a part of the project and help students in need visit For further information go to, follow @mathematters on Instagram, or email

Bobby Cook   |  Un-Biological Bonds

Project Description: Un-Biological Bonds mission is to raise awareness among teenagers so that many will consider adoption when starting their own families as adults. The project aims to encourage teenagers to pledge that they will consider adoption as they begin their own families somewhere down the road.

Call to Action: Un-Biological Bonds is looking for participants to sign the pledge and spread awareness. To get involved email

Griffin Caldwell   |   The Leftovers Project

Project Description: The Leftovers Project is designed to save good food from being thrown away and then given to those who are hungry.

Call to Action: Be a part of the solution! The Leftovers Project encourages the public to become more aware and mindful of food waste. Do you know any restaurant owners in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Peachtree Corners? Help connect The Leftovers Project to possible partners. Visit to help be a part of the solution.