On Saturday November 16, our Fall Social Innovators Academy conducted its final session for the semester. 18 phenomenal students presented their social impact projects and received certificates for their hard work and dedication in completion of their projects. Our student’s social impact topics included: women’s health, health and wellness, education and assistance for marginalized communities.

With a touching gesture, one of our admired volunteer presenters, Mr. Rony Delgarde, Founder of Global Paint for Charity, Inc., provided a monetary contribution of $500 to one of our student’s “pitch” presentations.

Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF)

Women’s Health Awareness Foundation’s Mimi Su, Pooja Kandikuppa, Shivaani Komanduri.

The winning presentation was the Women’s Health Awareness Foundation (WHAF), a non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading awareness about female health issues, specifically menstruation, by providing health products to local and international communities. WHAF was founded by three young women from Alpharetta High School, Mimi Su, Pooja Kandikuppa, Shivaani Komanduri.

These young women are advocating on behalf of females who miss school or work because they don’t’ have access to sanitary needs when they are menstruating. Further, they are also working to create awareness around cultural taboos regarding menstruation in an effort to help girls and women feel confident about their bodies natural state. If you are interested in donating sanitary supplies, wipes, hand sanitizer or making a monetary donation please email: thewhaf.atl@gmail.com or reach out on Instagram: @whaf.atl

Also receiving assistance for their project will be Kayla White, whose untitled project focuses on building awareness around gun violence. She will receive an internship/sponsorship through the 4 Brighter Futures Foundation.

We cannot express how truly proud we are of all of our Fall 2019 Social Innovators. As always, it’s been a pleasure to watch these remarkable students identify, grow, and turn their passion to action. A very special thank you to our board member, Omar Esposito for his assistance as an evaluator as well as providing us with the wonderful space at ATDC. We also want to thank our evaluators Rony Delgarde with Global Paint for Charity, Inc. and Dr. Kelly Johnson with Delta Airlines for their help in evaluating the student presentations.

If you, or someone you know, would like to find out more about the Social Innovators Academy, we would love to hear from you.

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